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May 2013


Mags is a stressed middle aged single mother who looks after her intellectually challenged sister Pat, together with her daughter Jan. Mags' rich but stern cousin Constance is due to arrive on a last minute visit very soon & Mags is desperate to keep her approval. She arranges for her run down living room to be redecorated & so becomes involved in the goings on of feckless Jim O'Flaherty - a natural charmer who would do anything to avoid actually doing any work. Distracting him are his "bit on the side" Rosie & Mags' next door neighbour Phyllis who has a crush on the Irishman. Jim's son Brian tries to keep his Dad on track but he soon become preoccupied with Jan. With Constance's arrival imminent will the shabby room be transformed in time ? The Pepperpot Players were proud to be given the chance to premiere this play, having previously put on a production of another of Joan's works "The Continental Quilt".

There is no review for this production yet.